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Monday, 25 March 2013

Somnath's verbatim and the poem

As described before, we are ready to present you with our contributors' literary creations.

Here is a poem written by Somnath Mishra, one of our contributors of this blog. This poem was written by him on 21/02/2007.

I was in my 3rd year graduation course when I wrote this poem on 21st February, 2007. I remember that my situation was quite uneasy and hazardous. While being scared and disturbed of many problems, pains and tortures of life, I craved for knowing Swami Vivekananda more and more and one day I felt that all my fears are gone because I was under the guidance of Swamiji, the thunderous monk. I suddenly felt that I have become fearless, that there is really nothing that can humiliate me anymore. With this feeling within, I wrote the following poem. I don't know how good is it as a poem, as it was written out of a sheer feeling of strength. I did not sit down to write a poem with a poetic feeling at all. It is, so, up to you to rate this account as a poem.

To the oddities of Life

Oddities of life!
Show not me thy rude red eyes-
I care not thee!
I've seen thy brutality much
Felt thy cold and terrible touch
On myself. Now no more
I bear in me yesterday's abhor
For thee. Nor do I scare
Thy gory heinous form mere
Anymore. I bore thee in my heart till;
Now I let thee be free. My new zeal
He has brought to me: His clarion voice
I've heard, and received His rarest grace.
Have I known- I'm a soul free, free forever,
Pangs or joy can shake me never
I'm not body.

Sorrows of life!
Now thou be ready
To face my challenge to thee.
I'm the son of thy Death-
Who is none but the Universe's breath:
I've touched His feet. Now no fear
Can stir me at all. Nor any cheer
Can make me its servant. I do sit
Now underneath His sacred feet-
Cut I all my earthly bound,
To reach the place beyond sky or ground.

Author : Somnath Mishra


  1. You are so blessed, brother! If I could touch His Feet!

    1. You have already touched His feet, dear sister. You are blessed as you can love Him... march on towards the way of life. Be fearless.



  2. It's true..those who have touched his feet has no fear, no pain and no sufferings..
    It's a wonderful creation Somnath dada.. Your feelings are well expressed through this poem..
    May this poem inspire people and especially youths..
    May Swami shower his grace and blessings on everybody..
    Jai Swamiji..

    1. Shubho Jeet, All credit goes to Swamiji Himself. I am a machine of His hand...

      Blessed are they, who can love Him.


  3. Strength is Life,Weakness is death


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